Ages ago, the warning was given but not heeded. The sarcophagus and its prematurely entombed guardian were not meant to be disturbed, but you just had to go and open it all up. No turning back now, so you might as well know what you’re getting into by listening to our commentary on the 1959 epic Hammer Film version of The Mummy. Underneath all of those rotting bandages is a whole lot of ethnic confusion, heavy metal tinnitus, cowbell, inadvertent bestiality, rude cashiers, an abridged history of slavery and other primeval putrefaction. Once the stink has settled, stick around to hear about what your handsome hosts have recently watched on DVD. It’s hieroglyphically delicious!

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3 thoughts on “TT38: The Mummy (1959)

  1. Peter Cushing (Coooooshing) and Christopher Lee……..eternal antagonists. Hammer certainly got that duo right and went with a winning formula. These Hammer Films are etched far more into my psyche than the Universal Studios films. When Hammer did something right, they couldn’t be beaten.

  2. I had always wondered why Hammer films looked a certain way, almost hyper-realistic, now I know. The sets were misted down from above prior to shooting. Truly, Terror Transmission is an endless fount of knowledge.

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