Love will do strange things to a guy. One might write a song or read sweet poetry to his object of affection. Another might climb a mountain or drive across the country in order to show his true feelings. Or perhaps it might take… a little more than that. Follow Matt and Jason on a journey into the blackest depths of amour with their commentary on the 1935 dark suspense tale, Mad Love. It’s a wild romance straight out of the asylum with rants and ravings on Peter Lorre, censorship, questionable wooing tactics, marrying rich, snacks, suicide, and enough tasteless stereotypes to keep you in stitches. And when the love finally dies, join your handsome hosts for some chat on their recently watched movies. Are you ready to kill the thing YOU love?

No, Not THAT Mad Love | The Ballad of Reading Jail | The Hands of Orlac | Oh, Rolo Mio | Peter Lorre | Grand Guignol | Pygmalion and Galatea | Ted’s A Real Ladykiller | Suicide Doors | Jason Meets His Dream Crush | M&J: Just Like The Patty Duke Show | The Death of Klytus | Expression Ze Deutsch? | Who’s Afraid of Itty Bitty Birdies? | Porphyria’s Lover | Project It Into The Rear | Der Verlorene

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14 thoughts on “TT36: Mad Love

  1. Another stellar show. And I cast my vote at for you guys. You rock as always.

    And how can you not love owning a Roku box? It’s the best!

  2. Wow! Another stellar show and a must for my Netflix queue. My wife watched M with me for the first time and now is a Peter Lorre fan… wait till I break out the champagne and the Mad Love. Thanks Terror Transmission your the best!

  3. This really is such an amazing film. Not only for its brilliant performance from Lorre, but also for its sheer audacity in terms of perversion.

    I wonder if, in some alternate universe, they’re watching the complete cut of Mad Love, along complete cuts of The Black Cat and Bride of Frankenstein. They probably got nice prints of London After Midnight as well.

  4. Thanks for your vote! We’re very pleased to see the response our request has garnered, and appreciate all of the effort our listeners have made. Everyone, please, keep it up!

  5. And spilling actual wine on the actual carpet, causing someone to actually sleep on the actual couch for an actual fortnight.

    BTW….picture this: Lorres’ eyes on James Arness. They almost fit now, don’t they?

  6. The vicarious thrills I get just knowing that our listeners are getting laid thanks to our efforts cheers me greatly! Impetus for at least another thousand years of Terror Transmission – here to make the world a better place!

    Here is the box set which includes Mad Love and a bunch of other gems. It is well worth the asking price even factoring in the bubbly accompaniment. One cannot put a price on the art of amour!

  7. It is really great to get such a response from our avid listeners (whom we adore), both for this particular show and the Splatcademy Awards! If you guys and dolls keep listening we will be sure to keep delivering the goods for as long as we are able. Thanks Terror Fiends!!

  8. Whit Bissell, eh? The Sultan of Smooth! I will work on pulling some clips and researching him for a ‘soon-to-be’ special. I am thinking video on this one, but let me discuss the myriad possibilities with my co-host, the Grand Poobah of Coiffure and Vestiture in the meantime. Expect something… soon!

  9. Great work! I enjoyed this quite a lot. I’d never seen it before and might never have without you guys. —Derek

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