Have no fear, Terror Fiends. We are here to protect thee. We are also here to show you the exciting and rewarding lifestyle of the Antichrist with our commentary on the 1976 Satanic shocker, The Omen. Let us be your murderous nanny as we instruct you in the ways of the Devil through such topics as bad remakes, British evil, an operatic tribute to the moose, shoddy parenting, gilf-mongering, pleasant Italian ladies, and just how gosh darn adorable that Damien kid can be. No matter how many sixes you have on your head, you’ll be living it up with the Thorns in grand style. Just don’t get in the little one’s way.

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2 thoughts on “TT35: The Omen

  1. I never knew that The Omen was made “on the cheap”. You certainly wouldn’t know it by the look of the film.

    Also, I was unaware that Donner intended the film as an indictment of Xtian extremism as well.

    Anyways, great way to start the year guys.

  2. Oliver MacGreevy was actually the Santa from the original Tales From the Crypt (the movie) segment ‘And All Through the House”. Larry Drake was the insano-Santa from the remake which aired as 1/3 of the pilot on the television series in 1989. Drake was also Dr. Giggles (tee hee) and Bubba from Dark Night of the Scarecrow amongst many other brushes with the genre. Interestingly enough (to me anyway), MacGreevy worked for director Richard Donner on the film Salt and Pepper in 1968.
    And another note of interest (to me anyway: part 2), it turns out that the first film I ever experienced, at the ripe old age of 2 weeks, was The Omen from the back seat at the drive in. Evidently I slobbered and giggled and shat some meconium poop all over myself, sure signs of newborn approval, so I guess I liked it. And yes, indeed, this was the selfsame drive-in and backseat at which I was conceived while my parents-to-be ignored a rip-roaring Blue Movie onscreen. This ostensibly explains my penchant for sex and horror which cannot exist exclusively of one another. After all, even the Oprah Winfrey’s of the world need to get laid… and I pity THAT fool.

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