You better watch out. You better not cry. You better be careful or you might DIE. Because Santa is coming to slay all of the naughty ones. But if you want to stay out of his Bad Boys and Girls Book, you must pay close attention to our tinsel-tousled commentary on 1980’s Christmas Evil. There’s plenty of spiked egg nog to go around as Matt and Jason sing seasonal songs of movie trivia, cheap toys, scary Xmas myths, serial killers, Fiona Apple, accidental holiday deaths, X-rated cartoons and a few other goodies tucked deep in our sacks. After the festivities, stick around as M&J summarize their latest viewings on DVD. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!

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2 thoughts on “TT34: Christmas Evil

  1. Difficult news for the ‘metal’ amongst us – King Diamond recently suffered severe artery blockage and had to undergo a triple bypass heart surgery. The good news is that he is recovering ahead of schedule, the bad news is that he is unable to continue making music (and smiles) for the foreseeable future. We at Terror Transmission wish him a speedy recovery and we can’t wait to see him in warpaint again soon.
    Viva la King!

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