It creeps. And leaps. And glides and slides. And then crawls into your ear and becomes the latest episode of Terror Transmission! Feel yourself being slowly digested by the gelatinous commentary for 1958’s The Blob. Beware of Matt and Jason’s otherworldly details on child retardation, uptight ’50s teen girls, bad slang, irritatingly catchy pop lyrics, and an oozing onslaught of movie-related background and trivia. Following the carnage, M&J cool it and then make with the crazy DVD flick chatter. Later, gator!

Drink The Blob! | Flaming Youth | ’50s Teen Cinema | Sing The Blob! | Jordy Meets the Meteor | ’50s Slang | Opposites Attract | Juvies: Not Yet Groovy | Brylcreem All Over Me | We Love You, Benji | Play With The Blob! | Monster Bash | BlobFest | The Decline of Civilization Part 4,309: Footed Pajamas for Adults | Proselytize: Jason’s Elocutionary Nemesis | Steve McQueen | Daughter of Horror | Jack Harris

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7 thoughts on “TT32: The Blob

  1. Another ‘honorable mention’ for crawling creeping carnivorous death-blobs from outer space, circa 1958, should go out to Spacemaster X-7. It takes the suspenseful docudrama route with it’s narrative but ratchets up the thrills winningly. Check it out, Blob-fiends!

  2. Don’t forget Bava’s Caltiki the Immortal Monster. Not from outer space, but still another good death blob flick.

  3. Also, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Drew Carey and Charlene Tilton were also Blobs released upon the world in 1958…..

  4. Death by Drew Carey? It’s already happening, most are just reluctant to see his swath of carnage for what it really is. “Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the? Slor that day, I can tell you!” Hahaha…..”

  5. Great job on The Blob episode. I watched this shortly after listening to the cast and saw a few new things while doing so. The Criterian DVD release is a joy to watch.

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