TT31: At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul

It’s tough in this day and age to find the perfect mate. Women across the world are longing to experience motherhood at any cost. And that’s why we at the Coffin Joe Institute of Eugenics want to impregnate you with a superior child. So, jump up on that examination table and let Matt and Jason put the evil seed in you as you weave in and out of consciousness, shaking and crying to the sound of their commentary on the 1964 Brazilian cult favorite, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. The anesthesia might smell like rum, but you’ll soon forget all that as swirling images of Sepultura, blasphemy, Catholicism, tarantulas, Nietzsche, and spooky bearded characters fill your head. When it’s all over, stagger into the waiting room as M&J share their thoughts on recent DVD viewings. Yes, we’ll even pay the doctor’s bill. Que gostoso!

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10 thoughts on “TT31: At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul

  1. Duh! Plaga-Zombie is actually Argentinian! For recent Brazilian horrors check out Zombio, Um Lobisomem na Amazonio and Embodiment of Evil. Gotta lay off the capirinhas…

  2. I’ve never seen a Coffin Joe film, but after listening to this episode, I can’t wait to see them.

  3. Stoked to hear hear this episode- Delivering the mail- jacked up on energy drinks and listening to the Mighty Terror Transmission! Goodtimes.

  4. If you like the character Zarathustra at all you will absolutely love Ze Do Caixiao! Guaranteed!

    P.S. I got my Universal Select Creature and Mummy figs in the post yesterday and I am deeply in love! Let the fondling begin…

  5. I didn’t pick up the Mummy yet, but I will soon. Got the Gillman and the b&w wolfman variant so far. Both of them look great.

    Also, I just remembered another great bearded personality Matt could have done for a Halloween costume, the mangia guy from Salo!

  6. Just a friendly heads up that you will want to add This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (the follow up) to get the full and proper dose of Coffin Joe Fever. The sequel humanizes the character quite a bit more and really works to unravel the mysteries of what makes him tick. I am psyched to know we have added another Coffinite to the fold!
    Thanks for the kind words, Rich!

  7. I enjoyed this movie and your review of it. I think that you both have expressed concerns over podcast length but don’t worry about that. The amount of research that you put into each film is detailed and accurate and worth the extra hour of podcasting time. The research seems to go beyond a simple wiki search and that is appreciated. It is great to see you get into the film and see how it ticks and what brought it about. After seeing the first Coffin Joe film, I can’t wait to see the rest of the trilogy! Cheers!

  8. WOW!!!! What a fun film- Definitely hooked. Coffin Joe is bad ass! Walking with a purpose and lesser magic or is there more to Coffin Joe? I look forward to finding out. Stay well, -Rich

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