TT29: The Devil’s Rain

Who calls this movie from out of the Pit?! It’s Matt and Jason, you silly blasphemers! So, approach the altar as they unfurl the ancient scroll and read you their caustic commentary for the 1975 drive-in depravity, The Devil’s Rain. Wear your best robe and bring a chalice full of quality swill because M&J will be seriously invoking such maligned subjects as Satanism and the Church of Satan, facial hair supremacy, “The Shat,” Scientology, and movie/mob ties, plus plenty of saucy talk. After this extreme test of faith, stick around for Matt’s and Jason’s latest DVD viewings. In Nomine de Terror Transmission… we bestow this infernal episode upon you!

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5 thoughts on “TT29: The Devil’s Rain

  1. Respect the Shat!

    You can see a very young shat in Judgment At Nuremburg and in the outstanding episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller, Grim Reaper., too.

    Just got through listening to this episode for the second time. Can’t tell you how much more I prefer your commentary to the one on the Dark Sky disc. Talk about selective memory failure! Fuest can’t even remember or make a single comment about Dr. LaVey?!? Please……

    Also, really like the interviews you’ve been post from the Bash.


  2. Believe me, we LOVE the Shat here at TT. Anyone who deigns caricature their own overstuffed image as humorously as he does will get nothing but admiration from me. I just hate it when my girlfriend calls me Kirk in bed…

    I am tickled pink that you sat through the episode twice! We had a blast with this one and I do so hope that it makes up for that dismal commentary by Fuest and Mr. Boring Co-Host Guy on the Dark Sky release. Fuest is apparently going senile (which is why I avoided interviewing him for this) and it is such a shame that his recollections were so vague and unintelligible. I guess that cloud of marijuana caught up with him after all. Just say no, Terror-Fiends!

    We have several more interviews coming from some truly amazing individuals from the classic horror scene, including our two favorite zombies from Night of the Living Dead, little Jimmy from Invaders From Mars, Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds and many more. We are busy little beavers here at TT so stay tuned for loads more buckets of awesome!

    P.S. If anyone truly loves me they can pick up that DVD set of Boris Karloff’s Thriller as my Halloween present. Anyone? Anyone? Well, it was worth a try…

  3. Yeah, know it’s old, but I just saw the flick.

    I caught this movie after listening to the episode; I gotta tell you, kudoes to Borgnine for not just phoning this in.
    Instead of doing a wink and nod performance, Ernest grabbed this one by the horns (!) and played what could have been a silly role straight. As a result Corbis was menacing, charismatic, and a pleasure to watch. When he comes out in his “civilian” clothes and taps that water pump like a smartass for Preston? Just terrific.

    Shatner. Every scene he’s in makes it feel like a Star Trek Episode.

    Also fun to play “Spot Anton”.

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