You’ll have plenty to be afraid of before this episode is over. And that’s because Matt and Jason will be putting electrodes to foreheads for the 1931 groundbreaking horror classic, Frankenstein. Celebrate this precious new life brought into a cruel and undeserving world by joining your handsome hosts for chatter on Boris Karloff, Universal films, the Mary Shelley novel, the joys of drinking, the meaning of life, battle scars, foursomes and other sordid affairs. After M&J have laid this one to its final resting place, keep listening as they bring you their thoughts on recent DVDs seen. It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!

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7 thoughts on “TT28: Frankenstein

  1. Does this sync with the movie? Also, is there an MP3 version available? I can’t change the playback speed on M4A files, and I like to listen to them at faster speed if I can’t sync it with the film.

  2. Got to the point where you pause and mention the sync. THANK YOU. Your commentaries are excellent compared to most because you generally talk quite specifically about what is happening on screen, and I want to be seeing what you’re talking about.

  3. Oh my, THANK YOU for this one! You certainly did your research. What I’m surprised you left out was when you were talking about Henry telling his visitors to “Sit down” during the creation scene that this is actually a recurring thing. He goes through the same thing with the creature when he first appears (the sunlight scene) and, in a telling reversal of their situation, it is (I beleive) the first thing the creature says to Henry in the Bride of Frankenstein. I have always felt this was in no way unintentional.

    And a BIG thank you for agreeing that Frankenstein is better than Bride and that Bride is NOT a horror film (I’d go with Dark Comedy at best).

    Did you know that Frankenstein was originally shown in some theaters with a green tint used (probably where the mass misconception that the creature is green came from)?

    And a Dwight Frye retrospective! Does it get better than this? I submit to you it does not!

    Another fantastic, fantastic podcast. If I hadn’t already reviewed you two on ITunes, I’d be doing it all over again.

    It just needed a James Arness sighting to make it complete.

    However, I hate to pick nits but you asked what two movies Boris Karloff played “Baron” Frankenstein and said “the creator of the monster”…sadly, I knew you’d mention Frankenstein 1970. Karloff played A Baton Frankenstein, but was not the creator of the monster, but a descendent.

    So there, Mr. Man!

  4. Wow, now that’s an episode!!!

    The research you did for this and this and the previous episode, Cat People, had to have been the most in-depth you’ve done to date.

    Have you guys considered doing a live episode?

  5. “Ewe” got it sir! I too believe that the entire “sit down” episodes from the first film are indeed a way of showing us the commanding presence of Dr. Frankenstein – something his character utterly loses by the latter half of this film and for the entirety of the sequel (much to our collective chagrin). Colin Clive had one helluva powerful glower and I only wish that Whale and Co. would have allowed us to be menaced by the Mad Doctor in the sequel instead of yanking our sympathy strings by making him such a pantywaist. Once Henry loses his assertiveness and control his character becomes exceptionally marginalized. It’s just lucky for us we had the greatest monster in filmdom and the mad fay, Ernest Thesiger, to carry the load thereafter. But it will never match the power of the original, despite the misguided remonstrations of the literati.

    I was doing my quality control listen the day after the episode went public and I too caught the gaffe to do with “the creator of the monster” bit. What can I say, I am a knucklehead! I should have stopped at “Baron” or “Mad Doctor” Frankenstein, but I got a little carried away in the “spirits” of the moment. Blame it on the wine!

    Anyways, thanks for caring enough to call me out! You earn our first No-Prize and a pint glass of Bordeaux if ever our paths shall cross. You da man, TJLamb!

  6. No, on both counts. Jason does mention a few stop points in this episode, specifically stating time elapsed, but the episode is edited down per usual. Also, providing an additional audio format means more storage which means more time and money, neither of which do we have in abundance. We further explain our choice of AAC in our FAQ.

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