Having a cat in your home for the first time involves more than you think. Cats are not necessarily the cuddly creatures some people imagine and you need to consider several things before sharing your abode with a feline: food costs, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, romantic jealousies, vicious attacks, brutal murderous rages, etc. Matt and Jason would like to help you through the transition with their commentary on the 1942 horror noir creeper, Cat People. Curl up in a ball and play with some yarn as M&J deliver the inside scoop on this Val Lewton classic, as well as pertinent discussion on crossdressing, public ogling, shoulder pads, wine, cats vs. dogs, and assorted obscenities. After the feature, zone out with some catnip as your hosts chat about their latest DVD viewings. Truly, a transforming experience.

Val Lewton | Welcome to the 3rd Floor | No Bed Of Her Own | Orson’s Getting Loaded | Cat Symbolism in Art | Working Girl | AMC: Film Noir | Carvel’s Ice Cream Cakes | Midnight Offerings | Divorce That Crazy Bitch! | There Were Sheep In Central Park | Come and Knock On Our Door… | Rankin-Bass | S[ermo] |||

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2 thoughts on “TT27: Cat People

  1. So, as it turns out, black panthers are indeed a beneficial mutation of the leopard and less frequently, the jaguar species.
    And, of course, (on the pejorative side) they are a cult of disgruntled “afro-american” miscreants who are allowed to roam our asphalt jungles unfettered by the constraints of good taste and/or intelligence.
    Panther vs Panther: sounds like the steel cage match of my dreams!
    Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_panther

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