The battle for the minds of Terror Fiends will be fought in the video arena, and Matt and Jason will serve as your retina, your television, and your raw experience as they comment upon the 1983 body horror, Videodrome. The podcast is now the physical structure of your brains and, therefore, whatever appears on the podcast will be your reality: the behind-the-scenes movie details, the Blondie worship, the copious bottles of beer, the “freaky stuff” and the horror DVD discussion to follow — all fall within your mind’s eye. But be careful. It bites!

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6 thoughts on “TT26: Videodrome

  1. This is one of those films, like The Black Cat, that I wish could have been made exactly the way the director originally intended. Still, this film is definitely my favourite Cronenberg flick, hands down.

    Also, tell Matt to check out Entrails Of A Virgin and Shogun’s Joy Of Torture when he gets a chance. Great Jap pinky violence flicks.

  2. I have to admit this is one film I NEVER liked. Far too….trippy for me.

    But hey…even a bad (to me) movie makes for a great podcast.

    I’ve got to remember to post from home so I can rate you boys on ITunes and Podcast Alley…..

  3. SO many pinkies, such little time! Those are great suggestions for the MGP beast to devour and I would have to add Assault: Jack the Ripper and the Guinea Pig films to boot. Japanese exploitation makes our American dabblings in the genre look like the petulant fantasies of a prurient schoolboy in heat by comparison. Them are some sick fucks on that island, and I love ’em for it!
    Viva la Japanese!

  4. Videodrome is certainly a whirlwind of trippy and the film has proven to be a great divider for horror fans over the years. One either loves it, or one simply does not. We, of course, fall into the prior category here at TT, but there is no accounting for taste!
    Either way, we are glad you were entertained by our exhortations of Videodrome grandeur. Rest assured, the next episode is one film that is beloved by all horror cognoscenti and our coverage is, dare I say… masterful?
    Stay tuned for some 40s era Cattiness that is sure to hit the spot.

  5. Videodrome’s appeal lies in its ambiguity. Its open to so much interpretation. Is what Max is experiencing real or is it all an hallucination?

    I always wondered if Cronenberg ever read HPL’s From Beyond, and if so, was Videodrome influenced by such reading. Both the “videodrome signal” and Tillinghast’s resonator machine both seem to stimulate certain parts of the brain causing thoses exposed the experience reality in a different ways.

    Also, did you ever wonder where the torture/snuff scenes used to carry the videodrome signal were coming from? The film never goes into that, but I always wondered if the people behind videodrome were making those flicks themselves. If so, then it would add an extra layer of perversity to the plot, would it not?

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