It’s showtime! But, there’s more under the big top than just circus acts, smiling children, and cotton candy. The biggest show this night… is murder. And deceit. And betrayal. And… missing arms? The mystery of this perplexing combination unfolds as Matt and Jason shine the commentary spotlight on the 1927 silent flick, The Unknown. We’ll give you all you need to know about Lon Chaney, as well as the usual insight, wit, and off-track delights that Terror Transmission (and whiskey) can bring. Fun for the whole family… if your family is a bunch of maniacs and malcontents.

Lon Chaney | Hays and Confused | Joan Crawford | WAMPAS Baby Stars | Dissection Can Be Entertaining | Killing Christians – Playmobil Style | Was Mommie Really Dearest? | Boy Wonder? More Like Sexual Dynamo | Break Out The Monster Cards | Body Integrity Identity Disorder | It’s Animal Crackers, Matt | Whiskey Face | Some Girls Love Horses… A Lot | The Sentinel | Tod Browning: Rich Bitch | Monster Bash 2010

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One thought on “TT23: The Unknown

  1. What, nobodies commented on this flick yet? For shame! You’d think that the popping of Matt’s “silent” cherry would have garnered rave reviews!

    Oh well..

    Great episode guys, as usual.

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