TT20: The Thing From Another World

Reports are now coming in of a strange crash landing of a metallic spacecraft deep inside the Arctic ice. Hungry for blood, its otherworldly pilot stalks the barren tundra, seemingly unstoppable. Then, a lone beacon penetrates the harsh weather. Better than the Emergency Broadcast System, it’s our commentary for the 1951 sci-fi spine-chiller, The Thing From Another World. This attention signal is followed by official information, including film background, wine-fueled tangents, sexual innuendos galore, and the horror-driven wit that is Matt and Jason. Our test concludes with chatter on recent DVD viewings and what’s coming up next. Watch the skies, Terror Fiends!

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2 thoughts on “TT20: The Thing From Another World

  1. Another great episode! One of my favorite films too. Scotty was such a great character and the Hawks style of directing fit this wonderfully.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, TJ! Hawks was so well suited to the suspense/thriller genre and managed to interject well-wrought tension into most of his “non-genre” work, but never did he so deftly ratchet up the thrills as with this film. Super-carrots brought out the best in him, I guess! We have some more Thing action coming your way very soon…

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