The curse of Satan has been placed. And only Matt and Jason can aid you in removing the killing mask and avenging your bloodline through their commentary on the 1960 Bava classic, Black Sunday (also known as The Mask of Satan). It’s like a succulent Italian feast of evil, but with some perversion and vampirism sprinkled on top. Oh, sweet Barbara Steele’s cleavage, it is delicious! After your gruesome meal, stay tuned for M&J’s recent DVD viewings, and a new listener contest giveaway. Que bella!

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2 thoughts on “TT19: Black Sunday

  1. Another A+ effort guys!

    Haven’t got a chance to look at Lucas’ Bava book yet myself, but I did get a chance to read Troy Howarth’s excellent “The Haunted World of Mario Bava”. It may not be as big a book as Lucas’, or as lushly illustrated, but it’s still a very well written piece of Bava scholarship.

    Interesting bit of of Black Sunday related trivia, the ruined church set used in the film was also used again in another Bava pic, Kill! Baby Kill!

  2. My mind has been filled with amazing Black Sunday trivia! I love everything about this movie, accept the unfortunate wig. After listening to this episode I now have the incredible urge to make you guys dinner and maybe bring you beer. I do love Babs!

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