The Colony. A relaxing retreat for those in need of escaping the hustle and bustle of urban life. A gathering of supportive and like-minded individuals. A place to collect one’s thoughts… of transforming into a rampaging lycanthropic beast bent on carnage and wild abandon. Yes, it’s werewolf time once more, and Matt and Jason are bringing out their own version of fang and claw with their commentary on the 1981 splatter spectacular, The Howling. All bases are covered: film background, philosophy, special effects, history, boobies… you know, the important stuff. Then stick around post-movie for M&J’s chat on their recent DVD viewings.

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3 thoughts on “TT18: The Howling

  1. I was waiting for you guys to get around to this one!

    While this isn’t my favourite werewolf film, that honour goes to the The Wolf Man, it certainly is my favourite werewolf film ever shot in colour. Although, the werewolf designs/make-up/transformation scenes are, imo, the best ever put on film.

    On a totally unrelated note (pun intended), have either of you ever noticed that Pino Donaggio’s score was a huge influence on Glenn Danzig’s Black Aria album? I remember thinking when I heard it that it seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place the influence until I watched The Howling again some years later.

  2. Y’know, RW, I never noticed the similarities before but I think you’re onto something. At least the diminutive “dark” one has the sense to crib from the best, eh? If’n I ever get the chance to corner the little leprechaun I’ll ask him about it… well, seeing that his gloomy glowering doesn’t freeze me like a Gorgon’s stare first. So what was his “inspiration” for the execrable follow up then? It sounds like percolating Persian poop to these ears…Simon Boswell mayhaps?

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