TT17: Destroy All Monsters

The Kaiju onslaught has begun and Tokyo’s not the only town in trouble. Whether by land or by sky, the monster attack is on and Matt and Jason are there with their commentary for the 1968 suitmation smackdown known as Destroy All Monsters. The roll call is impressive: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Baragon, Varan, Kumonga, Manda, Anguirus, Minilla and Gorosaurus. Through an oriental haze of Sake and Plum Wine, M&J give you so much background and fun on this flick, you’ll want to breathe fire and stomp on major cities posthaste. It’s Japan-tastic!

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6 thoughts on “TT17: Destroy All Monsters

  1. So Matt, you’ve never seen Mad Love? Well you must remedy this shameful situation with all due haste! This along with M and Island of Doomed Men, rank at the top of Mr. Lorre’s best screen performances.

    As for Inferno, I’m glad Jason gave it a second chance. It’s, by far, Argento’s most underrated film.

    If either of you are interested, I have a Jap language/English sub version of Destroy All Monsters in 2.35:1 lying around somewhere.

  2. To answer your WWF/WWE question….the world wrestling group was being sued by the world wildlife fund for use of the acronym (apparently tree hugging hippies were very upset they were constantly trying to save George the Animal Steele without realizing he was not an actual animal). Hence, Vince was forced to change the name.

  3. Here’s a thought….can you guys maybe tell us what the next movie will be at the end of the podcast so we can take the week and re-watch the film (if able)?

  4. @TJLamb: That would ruin the surprise. Besides, we might have to change the movie last minute for various unforeseen reasons, and promising people one movie and then having to backpedal to an alternate doesn’t really fly. However, the episodes stay on the site and in the feed for many, many months, which should give you some time to see the movie first. We actually get mail from a number of people who want to hear the episode first, and then watch the movie. Can’t please everyone, so we stick with this plan.

  5. Fair enough, but if you expect me to WAIT when I see a new episode up, you’re nuts! You guys end up being more entertaining than most of the actual films.

    And I’ve gotten some interesting liquor suggestions from you guys.

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