Life (or lack thereof) can be difficult for the recently reanimated. Whether it’s trying to find gainful employment or that special someone, it can be tough at times to fit in with a world of smiling, happy, as-yet-undead people. That’s why we at Terror Transmission have developed this commentary for the 1985 sci-fi/horror spectacular, Re-Animator; to help you in your time of need. Sit back and relax your rotting and mutated limbs as Matt and Jason lull you into a state of drooling hypnotic bliss, comforting you with their movie facts and related background, their strange choice in wine, and their ravenous appetite for bubble-headed coeds. After the film, M&J will give you some sense of closure with their recent DVD viewings, details on the next contest giveaway, and more. Welcome back to life!

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Bonus Link: Maxwell House of ReAnimator

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7 thoughts on “TT14: Re-Animator

  1. I was lucky enough to have seen ReAnimator during its original run when it played the Orson Welles theatre in Cambridge, Ma. The crowd reaction was tremendous. People were hooting and hollering all the way through it. The only other time I remember seeing people have that much fun was during Day of the Dead.

    Anyhoo, that was a great show, as have been all of the previous TT.

    I’m also learning a lot about the films you’ve been showing as well, thanks to your insightful commentaries. For instance, I was unaware of the fact that James Arness was actually 167 feet and 5 inches tall! A trivia fact that seems to have been conspicuously left out of every reference book or film commentary I’m aware of. Hell, I even doubled checked “Keep Watching the Skies” just to make doubly sure.

    I’d also like to thank you for the Babs Crampton links. They were very, how shall we say, reanimating.

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