Rising from a century-old grave comes the Count to wreak vengeance, gather his followers, and… party with haughty English mods? Well, not exactly. But Matt and Jason will be haunting the swingin’ streets of London as they comment upon Hammer Film’s attempt to be hip, also known as Dracula A.D. 1972. M&J will be rapping about hot chicks, groovy movie facts, far out personal trips, and then mellowing out with some post-movie chat and listener e-mail. So, open up a vein and hang with some righteous horror cats. Can you dig it?

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4 thoughts on “TT12: Dracula A.D. 1972

  1. I do love this movie! How did you ever learn of the clever boob taping trick? That’s some serious insider info. Dracula is almost as groovy as Count Yorga in this!

  2. I am a reservoir of odd and useless information concerning the fun to be had with the female bosom! However, 30 yards of masking tape later I still can’t get my boobs to look as grandiose as Beacham’s in this film. Whatever am I doing wrong?

    Lee’s Dracula is pretty cool, but nobody can compete with the grooviest vamp of the 70’s: Count Friggin’ Yorga! Anyone who has yet to see Robert Quarry’s vamp flicks (Count Yorga, Vampire; The Return of Count Yorga; The Deathmaster) should do themselves a favor and immediately check them out. They are a sea of swingin’ 70’s fun and make me wish even more that my DIY time machine was operable. Key party, anyone?

  3. While Quarry’s Yorga was indeed a pimp, it must be remembered that Quarry got his ass kicked by Dr. Phibes!

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