Here are two men with impure hearts, who never say their prayers at night,
But become wolves when the podcast starts, and the beer is chilled just right.

Yes, this is our completely hokey segue to the description of our commentary on the 1941 masterpiece of lycanthropic study known as The Wolf Man. Take a journey to the shadowy borderlands of man’s animal nature, or simply enjoy two drinking guys chatting up their love for classic horror. You have a choice, unlike that poor Larry Talbot. After the feature, we’ll have our post-movie talk and maybe say some other clever things. AHHH-OOH!

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9 thoughts on “TT8: The Wolf Man

  1. Think you guys may have set a personal best on this one trivia-wise.

    Either of you seen House of the Wolf Man yet?

  2. Thanks! I poured over stacks of printed material and obscure ancient text for days. This is one of the films that put me on the road to horror heaven, so I wanted to give it the attention it richly deserves. I like this episode too, and I think we did a bang up job. Still waiting for the Universal contract department to call, however. πŸ˜‰

    I talked with Ron Chaney about this film in June, but have yet to see more than some clips as it wasn’t edited into place at the time. Ron put on his makeup for a spell and he makes an… uh, interesting wolf man! Now that I know it is out there for consumption, I shall pursue to consume. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Just enjoyed very much the movie and your comments. I also remember as a youth watching this on the television and having me wits scared out of me. It was great hearing the commentary on a movie that I watched one more time tonight with a new appreciation for piece of work it really was.

  4. This reaction is precisely our goal with our work, reappraisal and renewed appreciation for obfuscated gems of the narrowing past! Thanks for writing in, oh leotarded one, and stay tuned for more werewolf commentary in the near future!

  5. Loved this! Found this podcast and downloaded 6 episodes right off the bat. I’d love to hear you guys take on Werewolf of London, Monolith Monsters, even The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

  6. Welcome to the fold, TJLamb! There is some more werewolf mayhem headed your way in the coming weeks, rest assured! For a casual review of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, see the article, β€œThe Ten Best Years for the Horror Film, Part 2: 1976?, where yours truly releases a veritable mountain of fervent admiration upon one of the most criminally unknown and under-appreciated flicks of the 70s. Thanks for the love and know that it comes right back at ya, terror-fiend!

  7. Well, thank you very much! If you’re exploring werewolfery….maybe the actual Werewolf movie from the 50’s? That was on Fear.net (even though I own the DVD and it sits in one of my two 400 DVD changers) this month and I still enjoy the heck out of it. I think the main character in that is even more tragic than Lon Chaney, Jr. was in this (and a not to Benicio….werewolf victims are VICTIMS, not heroes).

  8. Click on the text link found in the show notes of the respective episode, which takes you to the appropriate Google Docs page. From the menu below the file name INSIDE the browser window, select File, then Download. It takes you to another page, then select “Download Anyway.” VOILA! File starts downloading.

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