Those dashing gents with their bulging horror muscles return with their commentary on Edgar G. Ulmer’s 1934 Lugosi/Karloff match-up, The Black Cat. Learn all about the lurid, censored, diabolical backstory to this Universal “Golden Age” flick. Following the feature, your hosts drink fancy beer, chat horror, and read listener mail.

Edgar G. Ulmer | Aleister Crowley | Hans Poelzig | Ailurophobia | Myths About Black Cats

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10 thoughts on “TT3: The Black Cat

  1. I must say I learned quite a bit about the history of The Black Cat film from listening to your commentary.

    And since you referrenced the film Two Evil Eyes, I thought it might be worth mentioning a humorous acedote that Tom Savini related in an interview regarding the film. Apparently, Keitel had it in his contract that he would, under no circumstances, ever have to set eyes on the dummy severed head they made of him. Guess it just spooked him out.

    Now as for requests for future episodes, I was thinking you couldn’t go wrong with Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Black Sunday, House By The Cemetery or The Thing From Another World (or Carpenter’s re-make).

  2. Forward these movie suggestions via e-mail and we’ll add them to the pile. Thanks.

    All of these suggestions, by the way, are really good. You’ve got my favorite Christopher Lee movie, a great Bava pic, an even better Fulci movie, and, of course, either Thing is wonderful (particularly, the Carpenter remake).

  3. Great story regarding Keitel! As an interesting aside, I was talking to Savini this last year at Monster Bash and he related to me that he was not the least bit squeamish about blowing his own head off in the film Maniac or having his guts chomped in Dawn of the Dead. Just like all horror-maniacs know, it’s all in good fun!

    Top notch Hammer flick in Dracula: Prince of Darkness, Black Sunday is probably my all-time favorite gothic-horror flick, House By the Cemetary is brilliant and both Things are amongst the finest sci-fi horrors ever filmed. Be sure that we will get to those, most likely all of them given time. Thanks for writing in!

  4. Just finished “The Black Cat” and loved your commentary as well as the movie itself. Especially, had never seen Lugosi in a “hero” role – hey, what happens to his poor daughter …. doesn’t look like she makes it out before the explosion. Some great stories and look forward to the next!
    Love ya!

  5. Yeah, here’s a sign I was a latchkey kid….the person you thought was Rick Springfield was in fact Ted Wass (sp?) formerly of Soap (where he played Danny, the idiotic son who was involved in the mob and then was a deputy to Richard Mulligan……really, did I EVER kiss a girl?) and the film was “Oh God, you Devil”

  6. Thanks for the illumination, TJ! As a couple of outspoken George Burns enthusiasts, it is rather appalling that we flubbed that one like we did, so thanks for setting us straight! As for “girl-kissing” advice, just do what we did – practice on your pillow, get yourself a black ski-mask, frequent dark alleys, and when the time is right you will know! Just tell her Terror Transmission sent ya and wait for the panties to fly!

  7. I did as you suggested…..but sadly it was during a trip to Fire Island and I don’t think the results were what we were both hoping for.

    Replying in the standing position.

  8. …that “WE” flubbed that one? I think not, O Bald One. That one’s all yours. And I will torture you with endless plays of “Jessie’s Girl” until you retract your besmirching inclusion.

  9. Selective memory is one of the privileges of age and one of the more agreeable damages of a misspent youth. Now get off my lawn, you whippersnapper! And turn down that rock n’ roll hullabaloo while yer at it! Kids these days, I swear…

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