TT1: Rosemary’s Baby (Part 1 of 2)

In this debut episode, your horribly handsome hosts examine the 1968 classic, Rosemary’s Baby. This is part one of that movie’s commentary, with the conclusion happening in Episode 2.

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9 thoughts on “TT1: Rosemary’s Baby (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Hopefully, hooked through many body parts and hanging from chains. That’s really the best way to listen to Terror Transmission. Just so you know.

  2. Thank you, O Sinister One. Maybe one day, the world will make action figures out of Jason and I, too. And won’t that be a terrifying day.

  3. I want a long flowing blond wig and a machete as accessories! Oh, and bulging pectoral muscles would be cool too.

  4. Great work! While I like it okay, I find this film a bit slow with a very weak payoff, and I don’t think the ambiguity helps. What saves it is actually knowing going in that Rosemary gets impregnated by Satan (from the trailer and word of mouth). As Hitchcock said, the audience has to know about the bomb under the table in order to create suspense.

  5. Oh my fucking GOD!!!! Matt G Fucking-Paradise!!
    You saved all these old comments from the great beyond!!

    I wish you 2 were my neighbors. So many times I wish I had someone to watch real horror movies with, lol.
    For now, we’ll always have Paris…..

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